Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction

This page contains several frequently asked questions related to the business and research of Nanoflow.

2. How to Buy a Nanoflow Slit Rheometer

To purchase a Nanoflow slit rheometer, you can contact the Nanoflow headquarter directly or regional sales offices.


Phone number (USA): 607-266-8458
Fax number (USA) : 607-254-4588
email :

Sales Office

Nanoflow Asia
email :

3. How to Get Information on Nanoflow Slit Rheometer

You can get information on Nanoflow Slit Rheometer from the business section of this website.
You can also contact Nanoflow directly by writing to

4. Does Nanoflow Provide Material Testing Services

Nanoflow does not directly provide material testing services. Instead, you can contact companies such as C-MOLD for the services.